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Producing Delicious Olive Oil & Regenerating The Soil.

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Top Pick For Best Olive Oil

This very ethos flows into their olive oil, which truly sings with flavour, offering a light, fruity taste with aromatic undertones. The brothers demonstrate pure devotion to their craft and the proof is there for all to see.

Best Olive Oils & Best Olive Oil For Dipping

Working in harmony with the land, this aromatic and pure-tasting organic oil is perfect for dipping crusty bread into, or adding a cheffy drizzle to Mediterranean dishes.

Masterchef Winner: Irini Tzortzoglou

Two Fields Extra Virgin Olive Oil is awesome.
The fruitiness and pungency makes a beautifully balanced olive oil. I love it.

Grown, picked & cold pressed in Zakros, Crete

A delicious, light & fruity olive oil

Cold pressed from handpicked Koroneiki olives our oil is light and fruity with a peppery finish. 

Awarded a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for being an outstanding olive oil that's grown, produced and bottled in an area renowned for its craft and quality.

Perfect for dressing, dipping and drizzling.

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An Old Craft & A Regenerative Future

The story of Two Fields Olive Oil

After falling in love & moving to Zakros, Crete, we became unlikely apprentices to master craftsman. Learning an olive craft passed down the generations but under threat from conventional farming. We're reconnecting our craft to nature through regenerative farming. Creating a food system that champions people, planet and delicious olive oil. We're proudly responsible for every step, from handpicking our olives to hand numbering each individual bottle.

A Two Fields Harvest

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More than just a regular olive oil subscription

After our first & second batches sold out, we wanted a way to guarantee you olive oil throughout the year.

Save over 20% on your order and we'll save you olive oil all year. No missing out on our small batches and never pay for shipping on your regular deliveries

Throughout the year you'll also get little bits to learn, taste and read from Zakros. From tales of times gone by and snapshots of village to delicious recipes and tastes from the land.

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Rebuilding our land & soil with every harvest

Beyond organic

The power of regenerative food

We’re focused on building a regenerative future and repairing our land and soil with every harvest. Our current food system is broken. Together, we can create something better. This is about building a system that thrives and is good for all. This is about regenerating our planet with the food we grow. Combining old knowledge deeply connected to the land and emerging science. We’re more than just Two Fields, we're part of a movement changing food and farming. This is the knowledge that's shaping a better future and building food systems that will save us. It's all there in nature. We're working on the ground to make it a reality. The future is regenerative. Food and farming will save us. But it takes all of us coming together to make it happen.

Read about our field practises

Responsible for every step

Every olive hand picked. Each bottle hand numbered.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Batch Three

Our Third Batch is here. Handpicked, cold pressed and ready to be dipped & drizzled. Our olive is still on Pre Order. Shipping Shortly.


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