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Our last batch sold out in record time. Batch Five Is here. Limited Available.

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The Evening Standard: Top Pick For Best Olive Oil

The brothers demonstrate pure devotion to their craft and the proof is there for all to see.

Two Fields truly sings with flavour.

The Independent: Best Olive Oils & Best Olive Oil For Dipping

Working in harmony with the land, this aromatic and pure-tasting oil is perfect for dipping crusty bread into, or adding a cheffy drizzle to Mediterranean dishes.

The Sunday Times: What The Chef Wants

The Two Fields Subscription is the gift that keeps on giving.
The most delicious olive oil I've tased in a long time - Skye Gygnell

The Guardian: Most ethical and eco-friendly products for your kitchen cupboards

Two Fields Regeneratively Farmed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Batch Five is...

100% Koreniki. Handpicked. Cold pressed. Extra Virgin. Light, delicate, peppery. Drizzled by the best chefs in London and beyond. Providing fair, secure livelihoods and supporting farming families. A direct to producer relationship with no middle men. Pushing the transition to organic and regenerative agriculture. A celebration of craft passed down generations. From a region shaped by olive oil. Culture, heritage, identity.

Made in Lasithi, Crete.

Limited Available.

Partnering directly with the very best restaurants

Partnering directly with the very best restaurants

Partnering directly with the very best restaurants

Partnering directly with the very best restaurants

Partnering directly with the very best restaurants

Partnering directly with the very best restaurants

What started out as an experiment in our Two Fields has grown into a community collective.

We’re teaching regenerative farming practises on the ground, providing farming families with fair, secure livelihoods and proudly partnering directly with the best restaurants in the U.K.

This is about small scale farmers coming together to build something better for our community. Proudly produced in Zakros, Crete. It's about delicious olive oil, a craft passed down generations and farming that’s rebuilding our land and soil.

Regenerative Practises on the ground

Farming in harmony with nature

From diverse cover crops bringing biodiversity, to collecting beneficial microbes to build soil health. Our focus is rebuilding the land and creating fields where life can thrive. This is about regenerative practises on the ground to create resilient eco systems that produce the best quality olive oil

Perfect for dressing, dipping and drizzling

A delicious, light & fruity olive oil

Cold pressed from handpicked Koroneiki olives our oil is light and fruity with a peppery finish. 

Awarded a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for being an outstanding olive oil that's grown, produced and bottled in an area renowned for its craft and quality.

When you buy online, every drop comes from our Two Fields.

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Responsible for every step

Every olive hand picked and every drop by our community collective

The Two Fields Subscription


The Two Fields Subscription

More than just a regular olive oil subscription

After our first & second batches sold out, we wanted a way to guarantee you olive oil throughout the year.

Save over 20% on your order and we'll save you olive oil all year. No missing out on our small batches and never pay for shipping on your regular deliveries

Throughout the year you'll also get little bits to learn, taste and read from Zakros. From tales of times gone by and snapshots of village to delicious recipes and tastes from the land.

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