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Two bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil delivered every 2 or 3 months to your door.

With The Two Fields Subscription, olive oil is reserved just for you, so even after our batch sells outs, your years supply is covered. Plus, you’ll never pay for shipping on your regular deliveries.

The subscription also explores Zakros through food and stories told in the village. Throughout the year as your bottles arrive, they'll be little things to learn, read or taste.  Sharing the small things that make up village life in Crete.

Subscription is on a rolling basis and includes Batches from Our Fields & The Celebrating Lasithi Series 

Save over £30 a year and never pay for shipping.

Want your bottles earlier than scheduled? Just let us know.

The Celebrating Lasithi Series

The Celebrating Lasithi Series is a celebration of community, craft and small scale farming in our region. A way to support and champion others making change.

More About Mixalis

Mixalis was the very first organic farmer in Zakros. Rejecting conventional agriculture and pioneering a new approach in the fields. He's since helped other make the transition to a better way of farming. He's a friend and a mentor. In fact, Mixalis first showed us the olive trees that would become Two Fields

Tasting Notes

A light & fruity olive oil with a peppery finish. Perfect for dipping, dressing and drizzling.

While every batch is connected by the land it's grown on, the variety of olive and the location of the fields. 

The sunlight, rainfall, temperature and soil all create a unique oil every harvest.


100% Koreneiki Olives From Zakros, Crete

Subscription | Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Protected Designation Of Origin

Officially recognised for quality, craft and connection to land

Our region, Lasithi, is officially recognised as a renowned area for the production of olive oil deeply linked to local craft and land. This is an EU quality scheme to protect areas with renowned food produce from being imitated. Every step of production happens within Zakros.


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