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Zoom Olive Oil & 3 % Soap Gift
Zoom Olive Oil & 3 % Soap Gift
Zoom Olive Oil & 3 % Soap Gift

Olive Oil & 3 % Soap Gift

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A limited batch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by our Community Collective, a bar of our 3% Olive Oil Sage Soap, all side our natural cotton gift bag. 

More on our new olive oil

The very first drops of new season olive oil, picked in November ‘22. A slightly earlier harvest, giving a greener, more fiery flavour.

Produced through The Two Fields Social Regenerative Project - Teaching regenerative farming practices on the ground while providing fair secure livelihoods to local families in Crete.

More on our 3% Soap

3% of every 1000 litres of olive oil produced is wasted. The olive sediment settles in the storage tank, is filtered out and gets thrown away. 

But here’s the thing, 3% adds up. So we’re finding ways to use it.

Sure, you wouldn’t drizzle it on your salad, but that does really mean it’s ‘waste’ ?

Introducing the 3% soap - olive oil soap, made from waste olive oil + Sage from the mountains in Crete.

They’re raw & rustic. Only a Limited Available.

Tasting Notes

A light & fruity olive oil with a peppery finish. Perfect for dipping, dressing and drizzling.

While every batch is connected by the land it's grown on, the variety of olive and the location of the fields, each is unique based off the year it's grown and pressed.


100% Koreneiki Olives From Zakros, Crete

Olive Oil & 3 % Soap Gift


Protected Designation Of Origin

Officially recognised for quality, craft and connection to land

Our region, Lasithi, is officially recognised as a renowned area for the production of olive oil deeply linked to local craft and land. This is an EU quality scheme to protect areas with renowned food produce from being imitated. Every step of production happens within Zakros.


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