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Two Field Social Regenerative Project | Super 8

The Project Overview

A social regenerative project that providing olive farmers in our community fair and secure livelihoods while working
on the ground to teach regenerative farming methods to produce high quality olive oil in harmony with nature. Partnering with a handful of restaurants & chefs who are championing regenerative agriculture and change in food.

A Two Fields Harvest

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The current reality & the potential future

Building Something Better

Our Food System is broken. We’ve felt the reality in our small farming community up close. The stress and intense pressure on people and land. Two Fields was born as a response to that. A small scale approach producing the very best quality olive oil rooted in craft and nature - every olive hand picked, each bottle hand numbered. Every harvest actively rebuilding and regenerating land.

But our fields are only step one. Now it’s time to build a system that champions these principles and scales change. One the empowers small scale farmers, helping them move past the system trapping them and collectively regenerate large parts of our land and soil. Ultimately creating a fair system that produces and celebrates the very best quality of food. One built on transparency and traceability, rooted in a craft that has been honed over generations. It’s about knowing the farmers in the fields and connecting with incredible chefs using the produce.

Food and Farming affects and connects us all. And we are in the position to make a difference. What we do, has huge potential to create a better future. 

Systems are built together.

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Profile of Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Overview | 100% Koreniki Olive. No blends of different varieties. All olives are single origin, grown exclusively in Lasithi, Greece.

Tasting notes | Light, fruity with peppery finish. Perfect for dipping, dressing and drizzling 

Protected Designation Of Origin (P.D.O) | Our region, Lasithi, is officially recognised as a renowned area for the production of olive oil deeply linked to local craft and land. This is an EU quality scheme to protect areas with renowned food produce from being imitated. Every step of production happens within our region. From growing, handpicking, cold pressing, bottling. Traceable and transparent throughout the process.

Fair & Secure Livelihoods

Fair income and long term relationships to build security. Project to offset costs through covering costs and knowledge & equipment sharing etc

Regenerative Farming

Regeneration of land. A focus on soil health. Storing more carbon, retaining more water, having more organic matter. No chemicals or pesticides used.

Direct Relationships

From field to restaurant. Farmer & restaurant led. Transparency on farming practises. Every drop traceable. Opportunity to come out, stay & visit

Working Together

Super 8 x Two Fields

You are working at the very highest standard of food and at the top of the list of people we want to partner with. For us, working together is about partnering for the long term to build a strong and transparent relationship. We're at the start of this project, it's about building a system together, one that works for us and our farmers, our land and our partners. Come be part of shaping that. Small scale, independent food systems together.

- You would have opportunity to come out, stay, be part of the project on the ground. Year on year, see the difference we are making.

- We'd be publicly promoting our relationship to celebrate how Super 8 are a group who championing quality and change in food, being a crucial member of the project. 

- We would need a rough idea of how much olive oil you need a year (in Litres). A deposit of 25% would be paid upfront (offering some security for farmers) Other payment terms and delivery schedule to be discussed, we can find the best way for you.

- We want to work with you as a group. The possibility of working with all restaurants that are part of Super is an exciting one. We understand we may need to start with one, and grow as our relationship develops.

- Co Branded 5 Litre Tins possible

- Staff training & tastings to share what we are doing and why it matters

- The potential to do pop ups / events together to celebrate Regenerative Farming ect (together)

- Price wise, you mentioned you had a number in mind. We're open to discussing and find the number that works for the social project and for you. This is about finding the number that works for everyone

Additional Detail & Info

Our Regenerative Methods

Fundamentally we view our land as an eco system, not just the trees. We replicate natural process, are low input and do not use any chemicals or pesticides in the process. Certified organic as a baseline but regenerative practises push us well beyond that standard. A holistic approach and a deep focus on soil health. We reintroduce microbial life into our fields and create the conditions for life to thrive. The result is healthier, stronger trees, superior quality olives / olive oil, biodiversity and resistance in our eco system and healthy soils that store more carbon and retain more water.

Some of our regenerative practises :

- Collect, culture and redistribute beneficial microbes from local healthy soils into our fields
- Manure from local animals. No waste from our fields, mulch, chip all offcuts and return to the land
- Microbial compost teas
- Diverse multi seed cover crops to bring living roots into the soil, bring biodiversity back into our eco system, bring back natural resistance to the fields and offer ground cover

- Animal integration to terminate Cover Crop

- Experiments with biochar: to increase carbon storage and inoculation with microbes to create soil structure and repair soil

- All hand picking, no large machinery, no tilling, no large scale soil distribution

- Non invasive & natural pest solutions (such as kaolin clay instead of chemical spray)

Average Analysis Results (External Lab Tests)

- Acidity Average 0.29 or below. ( For reference 0.8 or below = Extra Virgin, 0.3 or below would be considered top quality) Lower = better
- Peroxide Value 5.4 ( For reference 20 or below = Extra Virgin, 12 below is considered high quality) Lower = better.
- High Phenolic properties found through testing. We met the criteria to be legally classified as a health good under EU regulations, reserved for the high levels of phenolic properties.

These are all indications of quality and top production methods. However, food is about taste and feeling the olive oil is alive and vibrant. That’s what we pride ourselves on. Objective tests back that up.


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