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A Two Fields Harvest

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Love Brought Us Here

Becoming part of the next generation of olive farmers

While our family visited Zakros on holiday Harry, met Eleni. He fell in love and soon moved there permanently, finding work within the olive fields.

At the same time, Will was studying design, specialising in sustainability and feeling frustrated with the meaningless side to design. Zakros represented something different.

In Zakros, we found a village deeply connected to the land and a place to call home. But we also discovered a beautiful olive craft passed down the generations under threat from a broken food system. Farmers squeezed on price and chemical farming pushed as a solution. We experienced the reality of conventional farming up close for the first time and what that meant for a craft, people and village.

We became apprentices to master craftsman, becoming an unlikely next generation. Diving deep into regenerative farming and rebuilding land & soil. Today, we produce small batches of olive oil and are on a mission to reconnect our craft to nature.

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