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The Celebrating Lasithi Series




We’re launching something new. A limited batch of olive oil, as part of a new series.

The Celebrating Lasithi Series. It's something a little different and we're really excited to share it with you. We'd love to know what you think.

Power in community

We’ve learned a lot about the power of community since arriving in Zakros. About identity rooted in olives and craft, the role family, food and farming play in Greek culture and the challenges rural farming communities face.

More than anything, we've learned about being part of something bigger than ourselves.

That’s what this new series is all about. A celebration of community, craft and small scale farming in our region. A way to support and champion others making change.

Small region. Big reputation.

Zakros is in a pretty special part of Greece. Awarded Protected Designation of Origin status (P.D.O). Our region, Lasithi, is officially recognised as a renowned area for the production of olive oil deeply linked to local craft and land. This is an EU quality scheme to protect areas with renowned food produce from being imitated. We may be a small place but our region produces some of the best quality olive oil in the world. It's what our community does best.

The 5% who do things differently.

Out of all the olive oil produced in Zakros, only 5% is organic. It's not easy going against the grain. This series is about celebrating those people. The change makers. And there’s only one person for edition one. Mixalis, the person who started it all.

Mixalis. The first in the village.

Mixalis was the very first farmer to reject conventional agriculture in the village, pioneering a new approach in the fields. In the 15+ years since, he's helped others make the transition to a better way of farming. He's a friend and a mentor. In fact, it was Mixalis who first showed us the olive trees that would become Two Fields. He was the first and that's something quite special. 

This edition is all about celebrating and supporting Mixalis. A legend and a true farming pioneer. A man who has given our community so much. Mixalis olive oil is a beautiful one. Unique in its own way but distinctively Koroneiki, with that light fruitiness and peppery finish. It's a limited batch with a label dedicated to him. The illustration is of his house and trees.

As always, every olive has been hand picked and every bottle hand numbered. But this time, every drop traceable back to Mixalis' fields. 


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